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January 09, 2024 12:15 PM | Don Hearn (Administrator)

Facility Name:                The Club at New Seabury

Location:                          Cape Cod, MA

Position / Title:               Assistant Superintendent

Facility Description:  We are actively seeking a dynamic Assistant Superintendent to join us, playing a pivotal role in maintaining and elevating the aesthetic and playing conditions of our renowned course. If you're ready to become an integral part of this unparalleled golfing experience, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us.

As a member of our team, you'll have the privilege of working on not one, but two 18-hole championship golf courses. These world-class courses are the canvas on which you'll apply your expertise and contribute to the ongoing success of The Club of New Seabury. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Cape Cod, each course offers a unique and challenging experience for golf enthusiasts. Being a part of a team responsible for maintaining these exceptional courses adds an extra layer of pride and accomplishment to your role as Assistant Superintendent.

Experience Desired:  We take pride in our ability to train and develop individuals with different backgrounds in golf course management. A successful candidate will not be the one with the most experience, but the one with the greatest desire to work in our team atmosphere while sharing our core values.

Responsibilities Description:  
Professional Development Goals:  In this role, we encourage our Assistant Superintendent to embark on a journey of continuous professional development. We value individuals who are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. Whether it's pursuing advanced certifications or participating in ongoing education, our goal is to foster an environment where our team members are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in turf management and golf course maintenance.

Leadership and Collaboration Objectives: Leadership is at the core of our success, and as Assistant Superintendent, you will be instrumental in enhancing teamwork and collaboration within our agronomy team. Setting goals to cultivate effective communication, implement comprehensive training programs, and foster a positive work environment are key priorities. We aim to empower our team members to excel in their roles, ensuring a cohesive and motivated workforce dedicated to maintaining our golf courses to the highest standards.

Course Aesthetics and Playing Conditions Targets:  We believe in setting ambitious goals related to optimizing the visual appeal and playing conditions of our golf course. The Assistant Superintendent will be tasked with developing and implementing innovative turf management strategies, irrigation plans, and pest control programs. Setting specific benchmarks for achieving and maintaining pristine turf health, consistent green speeds, and overall course aesthetics is crucial to providing an exceptional experience for our golfers.

Project Management and Innovation Focus:  The Assistant Superintendent will have the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of improvement projects on our golf course. From renovating specific features to integrating cutting-edge technologies and turfgrass varieties, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in the golf course management industry. We encourage creativity and innovation, and we're excited to welcome an Assistant Superintendent who shares our passion for pushing boundaries and enhancing the overall experience for our golfers.

Opportunities for Career Advancement: The Club of New Seabury is committed to fostering the professional growth of our team members. The Assistant Superintendent role serves as a stepping stone for career advancement within our organization. We encourage individuals who aspire to take on leadership roles and expand their responsibilities to pursue their career goals with the support of our leadership team.

Special Skills: Please view our agronomy video to learn more about our team:

Compensation and Benefits:  In addition to an exciting and challenging work environment, we offer competitive compensation of $24.00 - $26.00 per hour with experience, plus overtime ($65,000 - $75,000). Our comprehensive benefits package includes health, dental and vision insurance, retirement savings plans, and generous paid time off. As a member of our team, you'll also enjoy golf privileges, discounted merchandise, ongoing opportunities for professional development, private beach access, employee meals, and a monthly appreciation lunch.

Education Requirements:  No education is required, however we do value prior education or plans to complete a certificate or degree program in the future. New Seabury will help fund future education.

Date Position is Available:  02-01-2024

How to Apply: Electronically

Apply to:   Send resume and cover letter to:
                              Kevin Taylor at 

Date Posted: 01-09-2024

Application Deadline: 02-11-2024


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